Why would manufacturers need a warehouse management system?

Here are some reasons help manufacturing practices

Efficiency: It’s not efficient to track things manually and not have everyone on the same page. Processes can get mixed up and you might end up spending more time and funds on the mistakes of manual updates.With a warehouse management system, manufacturers get a more streamlined process and that helps those in lean manufacturing, which helps companies save time and money. Things like wireless scanners and RFID can automate processes and more of these will integrate easier with a standardized warehouse management system.
More profits: With a warehouse management system, manufacturers benefit not only with more streamlined operations, they get cash optimization. A centralized system does more to help the business with staffing decisions, inventory management and automation of processes. This in turn saves the business money and optimizes their existing cash flow for other improvements.
Less repetition and more accuracy: For manufacturers, knowing what’s available and resource levels helps improve times to production. When the accuracy of operations suffers, so does the schedule and mistakes must be corrected. With a warehouse management system, this is decreased and the improved accuracy helps, again, save money and resources.